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10 Incredible Sapota (Chikoo) Benefits for Our Body

Sapota Fruit benefits & Chiku juice benefits: Sapota fruits is also known has Chikoo are very good for health. Extreme sweetness is a plus point in these fruits. Are very easy to eat. The cultivation of these trees does not require much effort. They grow on their own. Give the same fruits. That's why everyone likes Sapota. Remove the seeds. These fruits are used in salads, milkshakes and juices.


The Sapota tree does not belong to our country. Belonging to Spain. These trees are also abundant in Central America. These nuts were brought to India by sailors from Spain. Thus came this tree, now it has become a favorite tree of Indians. And let's find out the benefits of these fruits.

  • Rich in Vitamin A and C:

Vitamins A and C in these fruits are good for our eyes. Protect eyesight. Boost immunity. Expels toxic waste in the body. Protect the heart.

  • Energy Provider:

Sapota is high in sucrose. It gives energy immediately. Those who are tired of work need to eat two of these fruits, This is the secret of their energy.

  • Anti-Inflammatory:

If the heat in the body increases, Sapotas should be eaten. The tannin in them dissipates heat and makes it move. That is why you should eat these regularly.


  • Helps in Digestion:

Sapotas did not turn up in checking for constipation problem. They check and clean the stomach for various ailments. So because these are too sweet eating too much fruit is a problem. So eat as a limit.

  • Source of Antioxidants:

The fiber in chiku, along with vitamin B are high in antioxidants. These protect against diseases such as cancer.

  • Good for the Bones:

Sapota contain calcium, phosphorus and iron. These make the bones stronger. If you eat sapota regularly as you get older you will not have to use much medication. The folate, calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc, copper, phosphorus, selenium in chiku which make bones strong.

  • Controls Blood Pressure:

Magnesium in Chiku activates blood vessels. As well as potassium controls BP. People who do not have proper blood supply should eat sapota.

  • Good for Moms-to-Be:

Pregnant moms are very lethargic in the morning. They should eat sapodillas. These give energy. Also, produce collagen for the baby in the stomach. check for problems in the stomach. Children born to mothers who eat sapota can say thank you.

  • Controls Weight:

To lose weight the body needs water. Metabolism must be right. Sapotas take care of that work. Better to eat a couple of sapotas and work out.

Sapota Tree
Sapota Tree

  • Beauty Benefits:

Sapota should be eaten to have beautiful, Smooth, flaky, acne-free skin. They protect the skin and hair. If there is toxic waste. it will not settle until they are gone. If you look at the wrinkles on the face, the sapotas will do away with them. That is why sapota is called happy food.

Important Note: During this article the data depends on the study and opinion of different experts because the health of the person. The purpose of giving this data is to inspire the conversationalist in the subject. Readers should consult a doctor according to their health issues.