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Health Benefits of Eating Plums and It Side Effects for your Body

Plum is a pulpy and juicy fruit with a wonderful kernel. This fruit belongs to the species of peach, trefoil, and almond and is one of the few fruits that have a red panorama-like color. This fruit is mainly found in South Asia and Afghanistan. Sometimes you may get confused because this fruit looks like a tomato. Dried plums are called prunes and fresh fruits are called Aloo Bukhara.

Generally, people use Aloo Bukhara as a fruit from which delicious dishes can also be made. It can be sour-sweet in taste. The color of its raw fruit is green and when ripe it can be red, deep purple or dark maroon. Botanically two species of plum are Prunus salicina (known as Japanese plums). and Prunus domestica (also called European plum). It is the fruit of Rosaceae i.e. rose species. Apart from plum in English, it is also known as Garden plum, Prune plum, Plum tree, European plum.

plum fruit
plum fruit

The size of the fruit of a plum can be almost equal to or slightly larger than that of a tomato. The peel of its fruit is very soft. According to the production data of plum, its cultivation is very less in India, but it is mainly cultivated in other countries like America. this fruits are pulpy, which also contain kernels. Along with eating its fresh fruit, most people also use its raw fruit to make marmalade. At the same time, their raw and ripe fruit juices can also be used to make wine. Dried plums contain a very high amount of anti-oxidants which can protect the body from diseases.

Here are some of its benefits.

  • Plums For Digestion

Stomach problems and digestive system also remain healthy by the consumption of Aloo Bukhara. Due to the sufficient availability of fiber, this body blocks the germs of health and disease. The virus present in it keeps the digestive system of the stomach healthy. With its regular consumption, there is no pain or tension in the stomach and the intestines also work normally.

  • Plums For cancer

Aloo Bukhara keeps dangerous diseases like cancer away from the body, because the anti-oxidants and fiber present in it are available in sufficient quantity for the body's immunity. Due to the amount of beta-carotene, it prevents cancer from growing or spreading.

  • Plums for anemia

This fruit is more beneficial for diseases like anemia. It contains sufficient amount of iron which helps in the formation of blood.


Aloo Bukhara
Aloo Bukhara


  • Plum to increase immunity

When the immunity of the body is low, there is a fear of getting attacked by many diseases. Regular consumption of Aloo Bukhara increases the immunity percentage in the body. Due to this, many types of diseases of the eyes are also balanced.

  • Dry Plums for Weight loss

Hunger is a sign of healthy body, but it is also necessary to control it so that your body weight remains balanced. Due to the consumption of plum, the digestive system of your body remains healthy, hunger is also balanced and with it your weight.

  • Eating Plums to avoid heart attack

Regular consumption of plums controls the symptoms of high cholesterol and also eliminates bad cholesterol. It helps in protecting against diseases like heart attack.

  • Plum controls the fat in body

Aloo Bukhara has immunity to keep it safe from many diseases. The chemical found in it provides a lot of energy to the brain. It also controls fat and prevents obesity from growing. Eating Aloo Bukhara does not harm the unsuitable radicals and toxins on the fat surface of the body. It also expels toxic substances from the body.

  • plum for diabetic patients

Aloo Bukhara can be consumed before or after the meal. By eating it continuously, the amount of sugar in the body does not increase and the amount of sugar in the blood also remains correct. Diabetic patients can eat it regularly, it keeps diabetes under control and also keeps other body functions healthy.

  • Beneficial for the body

This fruit is very beneficial for our body. Because this fruit especially blocks carcinogenic substances in your body. Aloo Bukhara is not only beneficial, but by consuming it, it will continuously improve your health.

dried plums
dried plums


  • Dried Plums for Bones

Many researches have concluded that the consumption of Aloo Bukhara strengthens the bones. It prevents bone loss due to its rich amount of phenolic and flavonoid compounds. It contains Boron which actively participates in the preservation of bone density and the general care of your bones.


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Skin benefits of plum


It is believed that consuming pigmented fruits makes you more attractive. Therefore, consuming Aloo Bukhara can make you more attractive. It has the following benefits:

  • Signs of aging

Aloo Bukhara is rich in antioxidants, vitamin E, beta carotene, cell membrane-protecting compounds that fight fatty acids, which protect your skin from signs of aging like wrinkles and loss of elasticity.

  • Sleep skin repair

By drinking the juice of Aloo Bukhara, it removes the dead skin from your skin. And helps to give new life to your skin. The lack of collagen often makes the skin dull and lifeless, but it is beneficial for it.

  • Reduces skin marks

Aloo Bukhara helps in reducing skin scars and transforming into new skin by increasing the blood flow to the scar tissue.

  • Promotes Healing

plum super fruit it helps in repairing damaged tissue and heals wounds at a faster rate.

  • To make the skin look young:

By applying the pulp of Aloo Bukhara in your skin, it reduces dark spots, which makes the skin look younger.

harvesting plums
harvesting plums

Plum Hair benefits

Its benefits for hair are as follows:

  • Stimulates hair growth

Free radicals often make our hair weak and brittle. This hinders hair growth. Vitamin E found in Aloo Bukhara strengthens the cell membrane. Fights invading ears in the scalp. Therefore it is very beneficial for hair growth.

  • In removing dandruff

Vitamin C is also present in Aloo Bukhara, which is helpful in removing dandruff from the hair. Dandruff causes a layer to accumulate in the hair scalp, which hinders hair growth. But Aloo Bukhara is very good for this.

  • Prevents hair fall

The elements found in Plum strengthen the hair, which reduces hair fall.

  • To maintain hair color

Plum is a highly pigmented fruit, which not only prevents hair fall but also maintains the natural color of the hair. Therefore, it prevents premature graying of hair.

Plum Side Effects

Aloo Bukhara is high in oxalate, which reduces the absorption of calcium. Accumulation of oxalate and calcium in the body causes kidney and bladder stones, patients suffering from this disease or for the treatment of stones should consult a doctor before consuming it.

High Acid Content:
Plum belongs to the league of oranges, green apples, pineapples, lemons, grapes, tangerines, and tomatoes. If you cannot eat these fruits due to their acid content, then you cannot consume Aloo Bukhara either.

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Dried Plums is treated with sulfites, to help protect them from oxidation, which darkens the fruit and turns it brown. People who have sensitivity towards sulfites should be careful, as they may be prone to allergic reactions to it.

Plum Jam
Plum Jam

Alu Bukhara Uses

Sour Plum this fruit is very useful in making jam. You can also take it raw, or you can drink it after making juice by putting it in a mixer or juicer. With this, you can make a variety of great food dishes and add it to a special dish and make it delicious.

 Nutrient available in plums:




Quantity (%)



46 कैलोरी




11.42 ग्रा




0.70 ग्रा



total fat

0.28 ग्रा




0 mg



dietary fiber

1.40 ग्रा



Vitamin A

345 iu



vitamin C

9.5 mg



Vitamin E

0.26 mg



Vitamin K

6.4 ug




1 mg




157 mg




6 mg




0.057 mg




0.17 mg




7 mg




0.052 mg




16 mg




1.0 ug




0.10 mg


Important Note: During this article the data depends on the study and opinion of different experts because the health of the person. The purpose of giving this data is to inspire the conversationalist in the subject. Readers should consult a doctor according to their health issues.