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Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar | Uses & Side Effects of Apple Cider Vinegar

We will talk about a natural product which has been used in medical and cooking for a very long time it has become popular because it has so many health benefits name is apple cider vinegar or ACV I will discuss in detail.

  • Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar
Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

The benefits of taking ACV, when and in what quantity we have to take it, And who should not take it where there are so many benefits of ACV. There are also side effects of it first, we will discuss how apple cider vinegar forms is a two-step process the first step, we add yeast in crushed apple and then formant it due to which it converts into alcohol in the second step, we add bacteria in that alcohol for fomenting further due to which it converts into acidic acid & this acidic acid is the main compound of Apple cider vinegar Any Apple cider vinegar has 4-6% acidic acid This acidic acid provides you with a lot of health benefits We will discuss some of those acidic acid benefits.

  • Controls the Blood Sugar Level

First, It controls the blood sugar level and manages diabetes. If type-2 diabetic people take ACV, then it helps in controlling their blood sugar level and it also helps in managing the sugar level of those people who don't have diabetes,  has found in one study if you take ACV in your high carb meal doesn't let your insulin spike and if you take one spoon ACV before sleeping, then it will control your fasting blood sugar level but the people who are taking medication for maintaining their sugar levels should take doctor's prescription before using ACV.

  • Help in Weight Loss

Second, It helps in weight loss after taking ACV, your appetite gets full, and so we consume fewer calories. It will help you in weight management. One study has shown that it also helps in losing your belly fat & also ACV has significantly fewer calories one spoon of ACV has only three calories but I want to tell you that it is not a weight-loss supplement you're going to lose weight, then your diet and lifestyle matters but you can add ACV to your diet to improve your weight loss journey. 


Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

  • Skin and Hair Growth

Third, it is perfect for your skin and hair growth. People who have eczema, pimple, and dry skin problem can take a 1:2 ratio of ACV with water and can apply it to their skin with cotton will balance their PH level to get ride-off these problems ACV has anti-bacterial properties which can help in lessening your skin dark spots also gets ride off your lousy odor. You have to add a fair amount of ACV in your bucket to take a bath If you have any dandruff problem, you can use ACV 1-2 times in a week by adding it into the water,apply it on your scalp, and wash your hair after half an hour You can also use it as a conditioner by adding 1-2spoon  ACV in one mug with water and apply on your hair after head wash, wait for two minutes And then wash it with normal water Your hair will shine and look beautiful Before going to the next benefit,I will tell you which brand's of Apple cider vinegar, you should use The ACV which will be organic and unfiltered will be the best So, WOW's Apple cider vinegar is organic, unfiltered and unpasteurized It has a mother of vinegar which has protein,enzyme and friendly bacteria which is right for your health It contains 100% natural ingredients,and there is no preservative used in it If any ACV is crystal clear,that means it is filtered after taking off nutrients from it Whereas you can see the purity of ACV by seeing particles.

  • Help in digestion

The fourth health benefit of ACV  it is suitable for digestion If you have heartburn and bloating problem due to indigestion ACV helps in fighting this problem because it has acid which breaks down your food and your body absorbs the nutrients from that So, taking ACV will manage your acid, digestion will get better, and automatically your health gets better.

  • Relief From Sore Throat

The fifth health benefit is that it gives you relief from sore throat because it has anti-bacterial properties If you mix one spoon ACV and two spoon honey with lukewarm water and do gargle, it will give comfort to your sore throat Now, we will discuss when and how we can take ACV It will provide you with the best result if you take it early morning empty stomach,30minutes Before meal or before bedtime You have to keep one thing in mind that you should not take it directly Always mix with water before drinking And if you want to use it directly, then you can take it with your cooking or as a dressing in your salad If we talk about its dosage you can take it 5-10ml in a large glass of water but not more than 15-20ml But I would suggest you start with small doses and gradually increase it.

Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

After knowing the benefits of ACV Don't try to use it in excess quantity Because excessive use of everything is bad It has side effects of using it in extra quantity First if you use it too much, it would lead to decrease your potassium levels in your body which is not suitable for your body Second, it weakens the enamel of your teeth because it has acid. You have to keep in mind that you should not brush your teeth before half an hour of taking it Third, people who have a problem of stomach ulcers and kidney should resist the usage of ACV It would increase their problems, if you are taking medication for heart diseases, hypertension and blood sugar, etc. should not use ACV without the prescription of your doctor because it can affect their medication.


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Important Note: During this article the data depends on the study and opinion of different experts because the health of the person. The purpose of giving this data is to inspire the conversationalist in the subject. Readers should consult a doctor according to their health issues.